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Oriental and area rug cleaning in Vail has never been easier! Say goodbye to the dirt, dust and grime collecting on your mats and rugs! Check out why your neighbors call us as their rug cleaner of choice!

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Affordable Rug Cleaning in Vail and the Surrounding Areas

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to area rug cleaning in Vail. Because of that, we have been striving since 1998 to bring you exceptional services at a price that anyone can afford. Whether you hire us to clean and remove stains or just do a regular cleaning of your rugs, we are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional service that just can’t be beaten by any competitor.

Vail Oriental Rug Cleaning Results

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Our Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning Results Are Rated 5-Stars!

Benefits Of Our Rug Cleaning Service

Aside from making your rugs look and feel like new, there are more benefits to having them cleaned by Regal Carpet in Vail. Rugs have a tendency to collect pollutants and allergens. This can include pet dander, dust, and dirt. Over time this can create gasses that can release into the air causing an odor. These can also be kicked up by simply even giving your rugs a basic vacuuming. Every time there is foot traffic on the rug, this can also kick up these pollutants and allergens. Our process will clean deep into the fiber to remove everything out leaving them clean and allergen-free. This will help anyone in your home with allergies or respiratory issues.

Professional Rug Cleaners

Questions & Answers About Rug Cleaning in Vail

For over 31 years, our team has been dedicated to providing you residential and commercial carpet and rug cleaning solutions. We have both the knowledge and experience to answer all your questions and provide you with exemplary service – every single time. Check out some of our most frequently asked questions about rug cleaning and give us a call if you have any more!

How much does it cost to have your rugs cleaned?

On average people pay between $150 to $600 for rug cleaning services on a rug that is 8 by 10 feet. Companies typically charge between $1 to $5 per square foot. 

Is it worth getting your area rugs cleaned?

Getting your rugs professionally cleaned will help prolongs the life of the rug. A professional will perform a deep cleaning and lift accumulated dirt and grime from the rug, as well as remove stains and the result will be the rugs quality lasting for years to come!

How many times a year should you clean your carpet?

We recommend to have your rugs cleaned 0nce a year. It does however also depend on how much use the rug will receive. The more use it goes through the more often you should have it professionally cleaned to prolong it’s lifespan. 

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